Spanish company is looking for partners to apply to Eurostars to further develop a non-conventional alternator

A Spanish start-up expert in the development of ground-breaking systems for wind energy generation is looking for partners expert in kinetic and mechanical energy conversion into electricity to further develop a non-conventional alternator. The main objective is to introduce improvements in the current alternator to increase its efficiency and maximize electricity generation. The partnership sough is a research cooperation agreement to participate in Eurostars.

Hungarian SME is looking for Turkish a manufacturing company of microRNA (Ribonucleic Acid) molecules and a university research group for joint Turkish-Hungarian bilateral grant application.

A Hungarian pharma/biotechnology R&D company is developing novel microRNA therapeutic compounds for ischemic diseases, e.g. ischemic cardiac disease, such as acute myocardial infarction and post-infarction heart failure. The company seeks partners to further develop the microRNA compounds in a joint Hungarian-Turkish grant application. Turkish partners needed: microRNA manufacturing company with preferably cGMP certification, and university research group with experience in microRNA research. 

A Korean manufacturer of die-cast components for automobile components, is looking for R&D partners to co-develop eco-friendly vehicle components under German-Korean Call for joint R&D Project or EUREKA Network Promotional Call on Advanced Materials

A Korean company, specialized in aluminium die-casting produces an entire range of die-cast components for engine, transmission and structural applications. In order to prepare for the eco-friendly vehicle industry, such as electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell cars, the company wish to develop various green vehicle components with Tier-1, 2 automobile companies under German-Korean Call for joint R&D Project or EUREKA Network Promotional Call on Advanced Materials.

ref: RDKR20200914001

PRIMA 2020 call project on alternative animal feeds looking for companies, farmers, universities and research centers

A Spanish poultry company in collaboration with other Spanish organizations is preparing a proposal to PRIMA call 2020. The project will develop new alternatives to soy for livestock feeding. They are looking for partners (companies, farmers, universities and research centers) interested in collaborating and offering their expertise from any of the following countries: Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt or Jordan.


ref: RDES20200304001

PRIMA 2020: Looking for farmers cooperatives, food producers, university agricultural departments and agricultural centers from Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.

A Spanish institute dedicated to solar energy is preparing a project proposal to the PRIMA 2020 call. The project will integrate a farming irrigation system and post-processing treatment of food for final consumption using innovative plasma technologies through Plasma Activated Water (PAW). The centre looks for partners among university agricultural departments, farmer’s cooperatives and food producers, from Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon or Morocco.

ref: RDES20200213003

SC1-BHC-33-2020 Vaccine expert with a specific interest in the socio-cultural aspects of the anti-vaccine movement to take on the Scientific lead of a Horizon 2020 consortium.

Enspire Science is looking for researchers from the social sciences / public health-related disciplines with interest and expertise in the anti-vaccine movement to take on the role of scientific leader of a consortium for a Horizon 2020 call under the title “Addressing low vaccine uptake (SC1-BHC-33-2020)”. This is an exciting and challenging call aiming at understanding the underlying causes of poor vaccine uptake, including vaccine hesitancy. The scientific leader will head a consortium that should strive to develop practical and implementable strategies to increase vaccination rates in Europe.
Further, Enspire Science will take on the role of coordinator of this consortium, and work alongside the Scientific leader. With more than two decades worth of experience in scientific project management and coordination with unique expertise in EU grants (ERC, Horizon2020, MSCA etc.), we wish to recruit researchers/experts/companies/NGO’s/relevant stakeholders, together we'll lead a Horizon 2020 consortium. 

EJP RD JTC2020: French company developing new targeting of enzyme therapies for lysosomal disease is seeking partners with complementary approaches

A French start-up created in 2012 develops new therapeutic approach based on membrane receptor targeting and nanomaterials. The technology allows the targeting of drugs to lysosomes for therapies of lysosomal storage diseases or cancer.
The company would like to establish new partnerships to develop lysosomal disease treatments combining enzyme replacement therapy with other therapeutics (gene therapy, chaperone,...) in order to make a joint proposal for EJP RD JTC2020 call for project.

ref: RDFR20200122001

MSCA-ITN-2020 - Training network on Spinal Muscular Atrophy - consortium looking for a partner with expertise in organoids

A German medical school is currently setting up a proposal for the call “MSCA-ITN-2020 – Innovative Training Networks”. The innovative training network (ITN) aims to elucidate the extent and clinical relevance of alterations in diverse peripheral organs including kidney, liver, heart and the vascular system in the neurodegenerative disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).
They are looking for a company/SME with expertise in  organoids ideally based on iPSCs as project partner.

Eurostars: An R&D SME with expertise in mobile applications for medical device data collection and analysis (backend & frontend) and an R&D SME as commercialisation partner are sought.

A Swiss university is preparing a Eurostars proposal. The aim is to develop a system to improve patient adherence to therapy and correct lifestyle during cardiovascular rehabilitation and prevention programmes. The device shall be used as a personalised tracker for relevant parameters. R&D performing SMEs from the medical field with expertise in mobile apps, IoT and wearable sensors are sought for a research cooperation. An SME for the commercialisation of the product will also be required.

MSCA-ITN-2020: Application of knots in polymer and biopolymers for new materials and into the design of ultra-stable enzymes and DNA or protein sequencing. Partners sought to put together a consortium

Basque research centre wishes to establish a consortium for the H2020 MSCA-ITN-2020 call with the objective of understanding and exploiting the effect of the topological state of biopolymers in naturally occurring phenomena as well as in technological application. SMEs and companies dealing with applications of knots in polymer and biopolymers for new materials and ultra-stable enzymes and DNA or protein sequencing are sought.

Career-FIT PLUS - Experienced researchers sought for Career Development Fellowships in National Technology Centres and Gateways Programme

Following the success of Career-FIT, a new CO-FUND programme has been launched entitled Career-FIT PLUS which  aims to enhance the training and mobility of experienced researchers through the undertaking of individually driven, market-focused research projects in Ireland which will be centred around the domain areas of designated Technology Centres  and Technology Gateways. Experienced researchers are sought for industry-focused collaborative projects in those domain areas.

ref: RDIE20191018001

[Eurostars2] A Korean company is looking for partners to develop a 3D-based conferencing system with real-time interpretation and translation technology.

A Korean company specialized in VR/AR solution is preparing for a project proposal under Eurostars2 in 2020. The main goal of the joint research is to develop a 3D technology-based software which can be used for corporations’ conference systems. To this end, the company is looking for partners specialized in technologies of real-time voice(speech) recognition, text conversion (STT: Speech to Text), or cloud-based technology supporting real-time translation in various languages.