ERA-NET Cofund - MarTERA: Innovative composite material for resistant products/constructions in salt water and saline fog environments - partners sought for the project coordination, field tests, certification, proposition of areas of application

The university research institute from Latvia has developed a composite material based on recycled thermoplastic polymer (as a binder) and inert filler. The project will aim to demonstrate that the material is suitable for use in saline environments. The project proposal is planned to be submitted to the ERA-NET Cofund MarTERA Call 2019. Partners are sought for coordination of the project, field tests, certification of the material, and proposition of areas of application.

URGENT H2020 SC5-09-2018-2019: Advances toward the development of high capacity and selectivity adsorbents for the recovery of transition metals from seawater and brines sought from a Greek R&D institution

A Greek R&D Institution is currently working on preparing a proposal under the H2020 topic SC5-09-2018-2019 that deals with the development of cost-effective porous adsorbents able to recover from seawater and desalination brines, several valuable transition metals at high binding capacity and selectivity. The institution is looking for industrial and/or academic partners with expertise on one or more of the project components and for industrial partner with access to desalination unit.

A Chinese agricultural research institution is looking for vegetable breeding, fruit tree breeding and cultivation technology from European market under a technical cooperation agreement.

A Chinese agricultural research institution is specialised in cultivation and management of deciduous fruit trees and small berries in China. According to their business development requirement, they want to establish further large-scale international cooperation with European partners. They are seeking germplasm utilization, vegetable breeding, and apple tree rootstock breeding technology from European market. Potential cooperation could be via a technical cooperation agreement.

URGENT H2020-SFS-23-2019: SMEs active in agriculture sector, chemical companies manufacturers of polymers, farmers and/or farmer associations are sought

An Italian SME in the biopolymers field is taking part to a proposal under the H2020 topic:SFS-23-2019: Integrated water management in small agricultural catchments.The project aims to provide an affordable, quick and smart water retention technology to manage the known problems of water excess and shortage in the central Europe. SMEs active in agriculture sector, chemical companies manufacturers of polymers, farmers and/or farmer association, SMEs for communication are sought for the call.

H2020-SFS-2018-2020: Sustainable food security–Looking for partners for project on control of the quality and the health condition on the grapevine

A Macedonian Institute of Agriculture is developing project under H2020-SFS-2018-2020: Sustainable food security. The main objective on this proposed idea is seriously unification on the whole process of quality control and health status on the grapevine from production of planting material to production of grapes. It is looking for Universities or R&D institutions that have experience in production of virus free planting material of grapevine and grape production.

H2020 SFS-04-2019-2020: Integrated health approaches and alternatives to pesticide use. Looking for coordinator and partners active in microbiological, biochemical and ecological research

Armenian R&D organization  active in the field of biotechnology   involved in the development of the technology for obtaining biologically active compounds, is going to submit project proposal under  H2020-SFS-2018-2020 call. The project proposes melaninogenic strains Bacillus thuringiensis to obtain bioinsecticidal preparation and bacterial melanin that are safe for the environment.  The organization is looking for  partners active in  microbiological, biochemical and ecological research.

Cooperation for developing cybersecurity and financial products

Spanish company, experienced in bespoke development with big data, cloud-native architectures (containers, microservices, etc), internet of things and artificial intelligence technologies, seeks partners interested in co-creation of new products for vertical markets, especially in cyber security and financial sector under joint venture or research cooperation agreement.

An innovative more efficient mobile-charging cargo logistic model for the recharging of electric vehicles

An Italian R&D center is developing a new organization and management model for an infrastructure-less mobile charging service for electric vehicles (EV). The solution involves an optimal logistic model, focused on the efficient delivery of the charging units through a “cargo” delivery EV. In addition, the innovation of the service concerns a compact charging unit for EVs. The Italian R&D center is looking for cooperations under technical cooperation and research agreements.

[EUREKA/Eurostars2]Seeking partners to cooperate Tracking of Route Technology

A Korean company is seeking for partners to collaborate on EUREKA/Eurostar2 project proposal.Technology related to detection of vital signs and tracking the route with a use of Doppler Radar Sensor is on-going development, and the company is interested in technology adaptation from outside. Partners are sought for companies and research institute specialized in production of vital signs and Tracking of Route Technology.

H2020 CE-SC5-07-2018-2019-2020: Searching for British or Russian universities with experience in metallurgical and electromagnetic analysis and Dutch, German or Turkish companies experienced in recycling for alloy manufacturing.

Spanish technology centre seeks partners for an H2020 CE-SC5-07-2018-2019-2020 bid to refine aluminium alloys from scrap recycling and increase the use of secondary sources to obtain primary quality alloys. Partners sought are British or Russian universities experienced in metallurgy and electromagnetic analysis, simulation, design and manufacture and Dutch, German or Turkish companies experienced in purification cell development and commercialization and recycling for alloy manufacture.

French SME specialized in rapid detection of enzyme activities is looking for academia, industrial and end user partners to submit a project under H2020-CE-BIOTEC-05 call on environmentally friendly solutions for managing plastic mixture waste

A French SME developing fluorogenic reagents for rapid detection  of enzyme activities is looking for partners for a project under CE-BIOTEC-05 call "microorganism communities for plastic bio-degradation". The objective is to develop environmentally friendly solutions for managing the waste of plastics mixtures thanks to microorganisms. The French SME and their academic background organisation are looking for academia, industrial, end user (waste valorization) partners to complete the consortium.

URGENT - MSCA-ITN-2018: Innovative Training Networks – Industry or government partners sought with expertise in geoinformatics (GIS), remote sensing, hydrological modelling and land cover changes

A UK university is seeking companies or government organisations to join their Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network bid to explore strategies for understanding intermittent rivers under multiple stressors. The partner would contribute in expertise, and this being geoinformatics (GIS), remote sensing, hydrological modelling and land cover changes. Ideally a partner that uses GIS extensively and works in environmental monitoring. Collaboration under research cooperation agreement.